Theatre and Dinner Package

Together with Ocean Bar and Grill we're offering a package deal of Dinner and Theatre for €32.

You can enjoy a two course meal, a glass of wine and a theatre ticket for selected shows with this offer for only €32.

To avail of the offer contact Ocean Bar and Grill Ph: 01 286 5071 or Email: to book your ticket and table.  Ocean will organise your booking for the show in Mermaid, and all you have to do is arrive to Mermaid where your tickets will be waiting for you!

Upcoming shows that are part of the package:

Children's Theatre: They Called Her Vivaldi (Theatre Lovett) - Wednesday 24 February


Music: New Frontiers of Folk - Saturday 12 March


Theatre: Charolais - Friday 18 March


Theatre: H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness - Thursday 14 April


Music: Hot Sprockets - Friday 15 April