Theatre and Dinner Package

Together with Ocean Bar and Grill we're offering a package deal of Dinner and Theatre for €30.

You can enjoy a two course meal, a glass of wine and a theatre ticket for selected shows with this offer for only €30.


Upcoming shows that are part of the package:

Eleanor Roosevelt Visits London - 8pm, 30 April 2014

Declan Sinnot - Friday 16 May

The Unremarkable Death of Marilyn Monroe - Tuesday 20 May

Pierce Turner - Saturday 14 June

Dubliner's Dilemma - Wednesday 18 June

Tarab and Nafra - Friday 18 July

Don Baker - Friday 8 August

Sephira - Friday 15 August

Luka Bloom - Friday 29 August


To avail of the offer contact Ocean Bar and Grill Ph: 01 286 5071 or Email: to book your ticket and table.