The Office for Common Sound - Sven Anderson

The Office for Common Sound is a project by artist Sven Anderson, which looks at the role of sound in our everyday lives. In May and June Sven will set up an office in central Bray and will open his doors for anyone and everyone to come and explore the sounds of Bray.

Sound plays a significant role in defining the spaces we inhabit – from the privacy of our homes to the public spaces that comprise our towns and cities – and yet we rarely communicate about what form it takes, how it affects us, and how it contributes to our sense of place.

By bringing attention to everyday sounds and soundscapes, The Office for Common Sound seeks to develop a listening community in the greater Bray region, celebrating the seaside town’s unique acoustic identity while simultaneously exploring more universal themes involving acoustic territories, the built environment, and common (shared) experiences.

Activities facilitated through the office will include: discussions, soundwalks, field recording sessions, group listening events, guest presentations, reading groups, sound mapping and sound installations / interventions.
More information and scheduling information will be published in April at:

To get involved and to receive updates on schedules and events, please write to:

The Office for Common Sound is an artwork by Sven Anderson and is supported as part of the Strategic Arts Projects initiative by The Wicklow County Arts Office, Wicklow County Council and Mermaid Arts Centre and The Arts Council.