Learn & Educate

Interact with our work through our series of informative events to help you uncover and discover more about the arts you love. Mermaid regularly runs events that encourage further participation in the arts.

Our traditional Irish Music series titled ‘Seomra an Ceoil’ allows students to discover the joys of Irish music and dance with local traditional artists.

In partnership with Access Cinema, Mermaid operates a series of ZOOM Screenings. ZOOM is an initiative from access CINEMA that screens films to young people - predominantly in the 15 + age group - outside school hours. The main aim is to encourage Young Audiences for art house cinema, to give young people an opportunity to see a wide range of world cinema not usually available in local multiplexes, to offer an enjoyable social experience with friends and peer groups.

In late 2011, we will commence screenings with the Irish Film Institute’s Education Department and take part in their regional schools screenings.

Our education department also provides activities for children outside of school. During summer holidays and midterm break we hold workshops in arts and crafts, theatre practice, acting and more.

Our education initiatives are framed around our artistic programme and often take the form of Artists Exhibition Talks in our gallery or Post Performance discussions with directors and cast. But you can also get a hands on experience with workshops, currently the most popular are in dance and music.

If you would like to find out more about our education programmes please contact Aoife Demel our Audience Development and Outreach Manager at aoife@mermaidartscentre.ie