A gentle meander through the world where art and nature meet.

The Shaking Bog Podcast - Summer 2021

It’s summertime at last and in celebration of the season, The Shaking Bog heads to the West of Ireland to meet some of our finest artists, all of whom draw inspiration from the landscape and nature of the region.

Once more we present a broad canvas of artists including - basket weaver and fine artist Joe Hogan; poet and nature writer Sean Lysaght; writer, surfer and environmentalist Easkey Britton; poet and novelist Elaine Feeney; musician and composer Ronan Browne.

Produced by The Shaking Bog in collaboration with Coillte Nature, Mermaid Arts Centre and The Arts Council. Written & presented by Catherine Nunes, edited by Bjorn MacGiolla, mixed by Steve McGrath, with theme music composed by Ray Harmon.

Listen: www.shakingbog.ie/podcast

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Produced by the Shaking Bog Festival in collaboration with Coillte Nature & Mermaid Arts Centre.