The Swimming Naked Prophecy

As the legendary investor Warren Buffett said:

‘Only when the tide goes out do you discover who has been swimming naked.’

Buffett’s celebrated metaphorical citation offers a humorous mental image of the serious repercussions of careless speculation, one befitting Ireland’s current economic situation with bank bailouts, disappearing billions and severe fiscal crisis.
The Swimming Naked Prophecy was a group drawing exhibition initiated by Mermaid Arts Centre and featured new work specifically made for the exhibition by twenty five contemporary Irish-based artists. The exhibition offered a range of responses by the invited artists to Ireland’s current social, economic and political circumstances, the recent economic crash and the current mood in Ireland.

Artists include:
Aideen Barry / Stephen Brandes / Alan Butler / Mark Clare / Felicity Clear / Róisín Coyle / Culturstruction (Jo Anne Butler + Tara Kennedy) / Jennifer Cunningham / Clodagh Emoe / Fiona Hallinan / Seán Hillen / Jesse Jones / John Jones / Vera Klute / Sam Keogh / David Lilburn / Sean Lynch / Brian Maguire / Bea McMahon / Tom Molloy / Teresa Nanigian / Sorcha O’Brien / Dominic Thorpe / Saskia Vermeulen

The exhibition will ran for 8 weeks in Mermaid Arts Centre before touring to Riverbank Arts Centre, Co. Kildare.

Curated by Nora Hickey & Eilis Lavelle