Mermaid Moments

Shorts & Resources for Little Film Fans (3-8 years)

Thanks to our screening partner Access Cinema and Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre who run the Discovery Film Festival and curate the wonderful Shorts for Wee and Middle Ones, we're delighted to share with you a selection of short films and resource activities.

The resources have been created by classroom teachers and educational professionals and were originally created for classroom based activities but are perfect for exploration at home. These resources have been created by Helen Appleyard, Lynn Wells and Lynsey Dick.

All films have been classified G and have a recommended age of 3-8 years (approximately).

Lambs (Lämmer) | Gottfried Mentor | 4 minutes | Germany | 2013 | G

Lambs: Mum and Dad Sheep are proud of their new lamb even though he is a little different in more ways than one - when he opens his mouth, a ‘moo’ not a ‘baa’ comes out.

Resource for Lambs created by Helen Appleyard and Lynn Wells

I want to live in the Zoo | Evgenia Golubeva | 6 minutes | Russia | 2018 | G

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I Want to Live in a Zoo: Sasha struggles at home. Her parents expect her to tidy up her room, eat porridge and do homework. Sasha decides that life in the zoo sounds much more interesting! She heads off to try and find her place among a bunch of penguins or maybe giraffes?

Resource for I Want to Live in a Zoo created by Lynsey Dick

Tiger | Kariem Saleh | 4 minutes | Germany | 2015 | G

Tiger: A cheeky looking little tiger is imprinted on a food plate but when his tummy rumbles he can’t help but wander off to find food.

Resource for Tiger created by Lynsey Dick

Tyrannosaurus Funk | Sandra Boynton | 4 minutes | USA | 2018 | G

Tyrannosaurus Funk: A group of T. Rex dinosaurs sing and stomp their way through this delightful, must-get-up-and-dance short by the well-known children’s author/illustrator Sandra Boynton. Sung by Samuel L. Jackson.

Resource for Tyrannosaurus Funk created by Lynsey Dick

The Mole and the Earthworm | Johannes Schiehsl | 3 minutes | Germany | 2015 | G

The Mole and the Earthworm: One day a little mole discovers that all the animals have someone special to play with but he is lonely on his own. Whilst hunting for a juicy earthworm he discovers something very interesting.

Resource for The Mole and the Earthworm created by Lynsey Dick

Hey Deer! | Örs Bárczy | 6 minutes | Hungary | 2015 | G

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Hey Deer!: An adorable cocoa drinking deer works tirelessly to clear the area around his house every day after an avalanche that occurs during the night. Through some very quick and clever camera shots we become aware that the avalanche is in fact not at all what it seems....

Resource for Hey Deer! created by Lynsey Dick

The Little Bird and the Caterpillar ( Der kleine Vogel und die Raupe) | Lena von Döhren | 4 minutes | Switzerland | 2017 | G

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The Little Bird and the Caterpillar: A little bird is going about its daily business of looking after the green leaves on its tree when it encounters a rather pesky guest intent on ruining the bird’s hard work.

Resource for The Little Bird and the Caterpillar created by Lynsey Dick

Frenemy | Vera Lalyko | 6 minutes | Germany | 2014 | G

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Frenemy: Normally cats and dogs argue tooth and nail. But what happens if they swap voices? This quirky, colourful animation reveals the mischief that dogs and cats get up to when their owners are out of the house. A dog and cat torture each other with practical jokes until a loud and scary storm turns the dog into a cat and the cat into a dog. This is an adorably funny tale that uses sound and image in a very inventive way.

Resource for Frenemy created by Helen Appleyard and Lynn Wells

Penguin (Pinguin) | Julia Ocker | 3 minutes | Germany | 2018 | G

Penguin: The penguin-waiter just wants the penguin-party to be perfect. A conscientious waiter runs into trouble after a glacier cherry makes a bid for freedom. As he tries to rectify the situation a series of catastrophes follow.

Resource for Penguin created by Lynsey Dick

Look! (Kijk!) | Udo Prinsen | 5 minutes | Netherlands | 2014 | G

Look!: A Dutch Sign Language interpreter is starting a lesson. As she is teaching, the signs for animals and plants come to life through the animation. The animals -including a hedgehog, monkey, eagle, goat, tiger - are more enemies than friends and are soon chasing each other. The teacher creates a big cage in which she locks the animals and peace is restored. But not for long…

Resource for Look! created by Helen Appleyard and Lynn Wells

Perfect Piggies | Sandra Boynton | 3 minutes | USA | 2015 | G

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Perfect Piggies: This is a wonderful animation about a fantastic quintet of piggies singing about their wonderful selves in an a cappella swing style. Beware this will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Resource for Perfect Piggies created by Lyndsey Dick

The Sled (Belchonok i sanki) | Olesya Shchukina | 4 minutes | Russia | 2016 | G

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The Sled: This curious little squirrel discovers something new and fascinating. What adventures will he get up to on his new sled.

Resource for The Sled created by Lyndsey Dick