Eoghan Carrick

Mermaid supported Eoghan in an application to the Arts Council to make the new work. He was unsuccessful, so Mermaid offered development funds and they made a new work for Dublin Fringe Festival called I N F I N I T Y. Stardate: 2077.55. A lone astronaut will journey through the cosmos on a one-way mission to a signal of unknown origin. Leaving behind a dying earth, she must traverse time and space, isolation and uncertainty, in her quest to find hope and new life. This will be a highly theatrical and design rich show that mixes science fiction and documentary material. Through its exploration of fact, fiction and the spaces in between, it will investigate issues of mental health, the stories we tell and the stories behind them.

I N F I N I T Y was presented in Dublin Fringe Festival. It won the First Forthnight Award and Best Design Award and will return to Mermaid in 2019.

Created in association with Corn Exchange Theatre Company and Mermaid Arts Centre. Developed at Scene + Heard 2017. Developed at FRINGE LAB with the support of Dublin Fringe Festival.