Facility Fee

From January 2023, all ticket prices at Mermaid will include a facility fee of €1, with the exception of cinema tickets.

Running our business efficiently and sustainably is a core value at Mermaid Arts Centre, and one of our current strategic goals is to maximise Mermaid’s impact through ensuring we have the capacity and resources to deliver on our ambitions sustainably.

The facility fee will contribute to the costs of refurbishing our existing infrastructure (for example, making the switch to LED lamps which are more energy efficient) and will support the long-term sustainability of our venue. In turn, this will ensure we can continue to deliver the highest quality experience for our audiences, performers, and producers.

The facility fee of €1.00 per ticket will be integrated into the price advertised. The price listed on all marketing materials including our website, flyer and posters will already include the facility fee and there will no extras added to the final amount in your basket or at the box office. This fee is non-refundable.

Your ongoing support for Mermaid Arts Centre is deeply appreciated.