The Aid Worker and the Girl - In Development

Louise Lewis

In January and early February we have Louise Lewis in Mermaid to start work on her new piece called The Aid Worker and the Girl. Louise is an award winning writer, actor and theatre maker. In this new piece she is asking questions. What’s it like to love someone who travels to some of the most deprived countries in the world to do their job? What do you have for breakfast before you drop them to the airport? How many times is it ok to tell them you love them, without it sounding clingy? From the Ebola drenched graveyards of Sierra Leone to the isolation of the Congolese jungle, what’s it like to love an Aid Worker? Incorporating collected research from questionnaires from loved ones of aid workers worldwide alongside autobiographical material Louise aims to begin the journey to create a visually stimulating theatre piece around the lives of Aid Workers and the people they leave behind.