The Visibility Exercise

Shaun Dunne & Rough Magic

Shaun Dunne was back in Mermaid with a new play co-commissioned by Rough Magic Theatre Company and Mermaid. Mermaid supports Shaun because his work is alternate to the mainstream. It is issue based, socially minded, provocative and importantly reflects the reality and complexity of our lives and world. The Visibility Exercise is about a young woman who is working as a nurse in an abortion clinic in London. The play centres around Sinead’s decision to return home to participate in a televised campaign towards abortion rights in Ireland. Shaun is interested in exploring the complex world of activism and the weight that comes with blending the personal with the political. He has explored the difficulties of representing

complex issues and the strain it can cause on both the advocate and the people around them. We had Shaun and Rough Magic’s Lynne Parker (Director) here with a full cast for a rehearsed reading.


Shaun Dunne, Lynn Parker, Lauren Larkin, David Herlihy, Jamie O’Neill, Jane Brennan, Roxanna Nic Liam and Clare Monnelly