I'm Not Here in Development

THEATREclub - Doireann Coady

Doireann Coady (of THEATREclub) worked in August on her piece ‘I’m Not Here’. For the last two years Doireann has been trying to figure out how to perform a duet with someone who is not here. In 2014 she found tapes of her brother singing. He was being recorded by her father who was testing out a second hand dictaphone. This piece will be a kind of duet between Doireann and her brother. Her brother is dead. Doireann will premiere I’m Not Here in Dublin Theatre Festival and also present in Mermaid on 12th October.

Artists: Doireann Coady, Rob Moloney, Ruairi O’Donovan and Grace Dyas

Creatives: Gary Keegan, Eoin Winning, Sarah Foley, Gemma Collins, Dorie de Burgh, Joanna Crawley and Mari Kennedy