Mermaid Moments

Zoom Zoo Workshop with Paul Timoney

This online Arts and Storytelling workshop took place on 4th June and was facilitated by Paul Timoney – artist, performer, storyteller, poet, art teacher and general maker of things.

And what fun we had!

Check out the creations below and keep your eyes peeled for our next Zoom Zoo workshop as we will run a few over the summer.

Zoom Zoo Workshop Exhibition

Elliott, Age 7 from Newcastle, Co. Wicklow
Zoom Zoo Elliott Age 7 Newcastle County Wicklow
'Mr Chip Fin' by Sorcha, Age 8 from Bray, Co. Wicklow
Zoom Zoo Mr  Chip Fin Sorcha Vandamme Age 8 Bray
'Uni' by Isabelle, Age 8 from Co. Galway
Zoom Zoo Uni By Isabelle Aged 8 From Co  Galway
'Ottana' by Anu, Age 9 from Bray, Co. Wicklow
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'Devil Fish' by Aideen, Age 7 from Bray, Co. Wicklow
20200604 161153
Eva, Age 8 from Wicklow
Eva Aged 8 From Wicklow
'Dude' by Adèle, Age 8
Dude By Adèle Age 8